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When your parking lot, driveway, or road has excessive cracks or potholes, those can be fixed with cracksealing. Over time, any asphalt surface ages, yet cracksealing can give new life to any asphalt surface, no matter how old. Bonneville Asphalt can provide that service with the best in cracksealant products from Maxwell, a top industry company.

Let Cracksealing Bring New Life to Your Asphalt

Cracksealing is the answer to the problem of excessive cracking, potholes, and growing vegetation. Learn more about what Bonneville Asphalt can provide for your pavement.

Crack Sealant

Cracksealing uses a hot mixture of oil, rubber, minerals, polymers, and asphalt to cover up and seal cracks. This prevents water and debris from entering the crack and causing it to widen over time. Specific examples of cracksealants are Elastoflex and Nuvo.


When cracksealing isn’t enough, mastics are the answer. They are a more heavy duty pavement maintenance product used for large cracks, potholes, spider web cracks, rough surfaces, and shoulders. An example of a mastic is Gap.

Joint Sealants

When a concrete surface is poured, the transverse and longitudinal joints must be cut during the time while concrete is still green. This helps with concrete cracks. Joint sealants help prevent water from entering the bottom layers.

Whichever product your pavement needs, we can provide the materials and seal your cracks. Call Bonneville Asphalt today in Lindon, UT at 801-225-3544.

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