Shaun Heaton Featured On Utah National Parks Council Blog

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Bonneville Asphalt owner, Shaun Heaton, has organized a HUGE Gala for the Boy Scouts of America Utah National Parks Council.  The Utah National Parks Council wrote up a really nice feature all about Shaun and his beekeeping. ****** Shaun Heaton started smoking at age four—smoking bees.

Beekeeping is an important part of Heaton’s family legacy. His great-great grandmother began raising bees from a pioneer colony originating from Mormon settlers. Beekeeping is not native to North America; in fact, the Indians referred to honey bees as the “white man’s fly”.  Honey bees arrived in the 1600’s, but did not reach Utah until 1848. The Beekeeping Merit Badge was offered by the Boy Scouts of America from 1915 until 1995. It was one of the first merit badges Heaton earned. To read the rest of the article go here.  

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