We Love to Hunt

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More hunting pictures. We love to get out in the great outdoors and enjoy time together. We had a great day with the Wounded Warriors and Chair Bound Sportsman 4 Pheasant. Such passion for hunting.


Pleasant Valley Hunting Preserve
Pleasant Valley Hunting Preserve
Pleasant Valley Hunting Preserve
Pleasant Valley Hunting Preserve
Pleasant Valley Hunting Preserve

First Pheasant Hunt

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Shaun Heaton, co-owner of Bonneville Asphalt, is a man with a big heart.  He has teamed up with the division of Natural Resources to help young families enjoy their first pheasant hunt. The Fabert Family sent Shaun this note along with some awesome pics.
“First of all, thank you so much for the bird hunt with my Family.  Braxton and Bailee both told me that was one of the best days of their lives later that night.  Megan also had a great time even if she missed her shots. I appreciate your time and teaching to my family.  Hunting is something that I am so excited to do with my kids and you and your dogs gave them a great experience.
We would love to do another hunt with you soon.  My kids also cant stop talking about how smart and cool Walt and Daisy are.  They want to get a bird dog just like them. Thanks again for everything.
Jason, Megan, Braxton and Bailee Fabert”

Introducing the puppies

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Shaun Heaton (co-owner of Bonneville Asphalt) loves his huntin’ dogs.  So he is delighted to announce that his award winning female, Belle, had 9 puppies on August 30th.  All of the puppies are AKC registered.  Both Belle and her mate, Walt, come from Champion Lines and are amazing on hunts. Belle and Walt both placed in the NSTRA dog hunting trials. Walt is one of the most intense dogs Shaun has ever worked with.  He hunts hard, his points are intense, his backs are solid and he ranges phenomenally well. Belle comes out of the Walnut Hills Kennels in Georgia and is a solid hunting dog in her own right. She has placed in the NSTRA trials in both Utah and Arizona.  Both Walt and Belle have qualified for National hunting trials. If you’re interested in getting one of the dogs from Shaun, call 801-420-0595.

Bit o’ Honey Heaton Style

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Shaun Heaton is a renaissance man. In addition to being one of the owners of Bonneville Asphalt, he is a bird guide, trains bird dogs and is a beekeeper. Thanks to the bees, Shaun and Angie always have a lot of honey (really amazing honey) on hand. Angie has a number of favorite recipes that use honey.  This one, is a family favorite.  


Bit o’ Honey

1 C honey 1 C chunky peanut butter 2 C powdered milk Warm honey and PB in the microwave for 10 seconds and mix well. Add powdered milk and mix until incorporated. Roll out on wax paper and cut to desired size candies.        

Imagine Driving a Newly Restored 1966 Ford Mustang Coup!

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Every ticket purchased to the Boy Scout Gala on Friday, September 20, 2013 at Riverside Country Club will be entered into a door prize drawing for a classic 1966 Ford Mustang Coup.  Proceeds will benefit your local BSA Council, the Utah National Parks Council.

The Utah National Parks Council is the largest BSA Council in the nation serving over 84,000 youth through central and southern Utah. Men who participated in Scouting in their youth have higher levels of education, income, and homeownership, according to research from Baylor University. The 1966 Ford Mustang was the best-selling Mustang of all time. This 8 cylinder car has an automatic transmission, a black interior, a 289 engine, and sounds great! The 1966 Ford Mustang restoration is being donated by the Utah Auto Body Association under the direction of Cary Robarge owner of Robarge Collision. The Utah Auto Body Association is a group of professionals who represent excellence in all aspects collision repair. “The values and life-long lessons taught in Scouting help shape our next generation of leaders,” said Robarge. “I am honored to support Scouting by helping restore this classic car.” Bonneville Asphalt, a Utah County pavement maintenance company, is also a proud sponsor of the BSA Gala and Auction. “Supporting the Boy Scouts of America is vital to the future of our boys,” said Shaun Heaton, Utah National Parks Council Gala Chair and President of Bonneville Asphalt. “America’s youth need the values and ethics training of the Boy Scouts now more than ever. 

Shaun Heaton Featured On Utah National Parks Council Blog

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Bonneville Asphalt owner, Shaun Heaton, has organized a HUGE Gala for the Boy Scouts of America Utah National Parks Council.  The Utah National Parks Council wrote up a really nice feature all about Shaun and his beekeeping. ****** Shaun Heaton started smoking at age four—smoking bees.

Beekeeping is an important part of Heaton’s family legacy. His great-great grandmother began raising bees from a pioneer colony originating from Mormon settlers. Beekeeping is not native to North America; in fact, the Indians referred to honey bees as the “white man’s fly”.  Honey bees arrived in the 1600’s, but did not reach Utah until 1848. The Beekeeping Merit Badge was offered by the Boy Scouts of America from 1915 until 1995. It was one of the first merit badges Heaton earned. To read the rest of the article go here.  

Crack Filling Helps You Avoid Costly Repairs

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Cracks left unsealed in asphalt pavement allow water to penetrate the surface. This, in turn, weakens the pavement structure and leads to failures in both the pavement and the base beneath it. Water is one of the worst things for asphalt cracks.Once water gets under the asphalt surface, it can erode the foundation. Left unfilled, the cracks will allow moisture to flow through the pavement and erode base materials resulting in potholes, and ultimately in premature failure. When this happens, only extensive and costly repairs can fix the problem. In our part of the country, cracks left over the winter can grow quickly due to snow plowing and our cycle of freezing and thawing day after day. Patching often doesn’t last and can cost several times what timely crack sealing costs. In the end, the useful life of the surface is shortened, forcing the premature and costly replacement of the surface.

Cracks can also accumulate debris, dirt, and can start to grow weeds. Fixing cracks before they become potholes is the smartest thing to do. It also saves you money by extending the life of your asphalt. There are a number of things that can contribute to the cracking of asphalt pavement. The most common include: • Surface/Shrinkage Cracks are caused by lack of traffic, extreme temperature changes, excess water and/or ultraviolet degradation. • Structural/Reflective Cracks are caused by vertical or horizontal movements of pavement beneath, due to expansion and contraction with temperature and moisture changes. • Joint or seam cracks are caused by weak seam or improper pinch roll. 1) First the cracks must be cleaned. Using a steel brush, a screw driver or a crack cleaning machine, the asphalt company can remove all the dirt and vegetation. It’s very important to be sure to clean the crack at least a half inch deep.
2) For small cracks that are less than half an inch, there are products your asphalt company can use to fill the cracks. However, this type of solution should not be used for large cracks, as it can sink into the wider cracks and not properly fill the area.
3) For large cracks 1.5 – 2 inches wide, a relatively new material has become available that is more effective then regular sealer. It has shown to be very helpful and longer lasting.
Asphalt cracks are unsightly and can get expensive to repair if left for too long. That’s why it’s best to repair cracks as soon as they form. Crack sealing is the most cost effective way to stop this erosion of your asphalt investment before it’s too late. When properly applied crack sealing materials will greatly extend the life of your asphalt pavement and prevent untimely damage.

The Importance of Curb Appeal

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A friend of mine recently put her home on the market and quickly sold it.  Part of her success was because she worked really hard on her curb appeal–making sure the outside reflected the benefits on the inside.

Curb appeal isn’t just for home owner’s trying to sell.  Curb appeal is critical for business and is a “must” on areas that simply have to always be kept up.  There are several aspects of curb appeal that are important for business owners.

1. Facade

The facade of the building is simply the outside structure.  It includes the architecture, paint, signage–anything that is on the outside of the building.  Jim Lowenstein, owner of Castle Real Estate in Newton, Mass said, “The façade is the first impression that consumers will see of your business so it is vital that you have attractive signage,[and] colors that don’t clash.”

2. Window and Equipment Displays

Window displays are a way to help encourage a customer to come inside your store.  It’s important to have window–or other types of displays–to an appropriate scale.  A window display inside a mall, or somewhere that there is heavy walking traffic can be much smaller and more complex than window displays on a busy street with a lot of vehicle traffic.

3. Signage

In addition to signs on the building itself, lots of businesses take advantage of signs closer to the road.  Make sure that signs are legible, and uncluttered.  Large font, few words and correct use of “white space” or “negative space” help draw the eye to the message you’re trying to convey.  A marque-type board, where you can change the message regularly can help draw customers in and be quite fun.

In Jan of 2011 an Orem-based dessert cafe, The Chocolate, put up “Break your resolutions here” on their marque sign and made everyone chuckle while still selling cake.

4. Access and Parking

“Adequate parking facilities can have a huge impact on its overall curb appeal,” a Fox 13 Small Business Center article noted.  But adequate parking is only part of the equation.  Is should be clear where the exits and entrances are and the parking lot should be well striped and free of debris.

Writer Lisa Danes said, “Your parking lot should also be clean and evenly paved. If a customer has to step over garbage, holes and puddles to get to your door, it is likely they won’t come in.

Once repaved and striped, you’ve created an inviting environment that makes it easy for customers to come into your store or office.


5. Think Like Your Customer

Drive by your store or office from both directions evaluating what you see. You likely spend a lot of time inside your building and it can be easy to take the exterior for granted.  Lisa Danes recommends that you make sure your exterior represents well what you do and is clean, inviting and professional.

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