Bonneville Asphalt Can Extend The Life Of Your Asphalt BY SEALCOATING

When you want to bolster your newer parking lot or road against the elements, sealcoating is the best method to fortify the new asphalt. Bonneville Asphalt uses the best in sealcoating materials for all our projects, parking lot, driveway, or road.

Learn about the Sealcoating Process

Sealcoating is important because it extends the life of a newer asphalt surface. Trying to sealcoat an old, excessively cracked asphalt surface is not recommended.

Sealcoating is best applied after about two years of laying down the original asphalt. It can be applied by either spray or squeegee, though spray is often the better method, except in windy conditions. Sealcoating can typically last up to four years, though if the asphalt surface faces large traffic or foot volume, it should be applied every three years.

Sealcoating takes about 24 hours to dry, though it will take a few weeks before the surface fully cures. We can easily divide the sealcoated surface from other parts of the parking lot or road while we work.

Whatever your project, we use the best materials for your specific surface and situation. Call Bonneville Asphalt in Lindon, UT today at 801-225-3544.

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